Welcome To Medstay !

Welcome To Medstay !

Welcome to MedStay INC. Early Check Inn

Today I am here to tell you that when looking for a hotel near Duke Hospital or a hotel near UNC Medical Center “Stop and Smell the Roses”.

First rose bloom in MedStay’s garden 2018


This is a picture of the first rose to bloom in our rose garden in 2018. It reminded me of our Motto.  “Health care begins before you enter into a Medical Center.  Health care begins with MedStay.  Because the health care you need is not always local.”

You may be asking how does the two equate to each other, smelling the roses and booking through MedStay.  We at MedStay, believe that if we help relieve stress off our patients looking for hotel stays we are benefiting their health.   Just like stopping to smell the roses. How does MedStay do this:

First by giving great information about our participating hotels near Duke Hospital and UNC Hospital on our website www.medstay.com

Secondly having discounted rates that you can not be found anywhere else at our partner hotels

Thirdly you can call and have a local hometown friendly agent walk you through the process of finding a great a hotel to completing the reservations for you at one of our participating hotels.

Studies also show that flowers and especially fragrant flowers like roses also has health benefits just like booking through MedStay.




Tracey Bloodworth Garner   We have been using MedStay since July 2016 after my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since then Sam has gotten us through 2 crainiotomys and all our monthly visits. It is wonderful to not have to stress over finding lodgings. MedStay has become like family, the kind you enjoy hearing from!

So, when needing a hotel near our participating hospitals Stop and smell our roses for our great health benefits and great deals:


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