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MedStay does the work of angels

This is my first experience with MedStay. At a time when my family faces one of our greatest challenges, MedStay stepped up to provide a solution to one of our biggest concerns… housing. Coming from out of town and not knowing the area, Sam Henry and MedStay made finding a solution the most pleasant part of the plan. His guidance led to the perfect solution for our needs, and we will always be grateful. Like all in the medical community, MedStay does the work of angels. Thank you.

Larry Malakian, 03/11/2011

Nicest person you will ever talk with

Sammy Henry was so helpful and kind to us. He went way beyond his job in helping us. Our family can’t thank him enough for all he did for us. Star-bridge Hotel also..I would highly recommend Sammy’s services to everyone.

Nancy, 03/16/2011

A True Blessing

My husband has been treated at Duke Hospital since January 2010. Just prior to our last visit we learned of MedStay through a friend whose husband was also being treated at Duke. Being able to call a number and immediately be connected to someone who can assist you is fabulous. The Washington Duke Inn is definitely a Five Star hotel. We are most grateful there is a service which makes it affordable. As a caretaker, being able to sit outside and enjoy the grounds while my husband rests makes the stay so much easier. Sam and his staff are incredibly warm and helpful. Thank you for this lovely service.

Eva Gill on 05/04/2011

Assistance made my trip less stressful

I would like to extend my appreciation for the assistance I received making reservations on the eighth of October, 2011. I had several questions that required some research on your part. This was handled very quickly and the answers I needed were given to me within a matter of fifteen minutes. This kind of assistance made the trip less stressful and allowed me to focus on the actual reason I was going instead of how to get from pont A to point B. Again, thank you for all the help.

Scott Joyner on 09/14/2011

Helped me relax during my treatment

MedStay helped me pick a hotel that was convenient to Duke and had everything right at my fingertips!! After having my radiation treatment I was able to go to what felt like a five star hotel and be treated so kindly and warmly! The staff is wonderful and the rooms are beautiful. They were helpful even when it came to me needing to go back for a medical emergency. Thank you Sam, you really provided me with a great way to relax during my treatment.

Lavina Johnson on 03/01/2011

Cheerful attitude lifted my spirits

Sammy was so good with the customer service portion of the call and the reservation. His cheerful attitude lifted my spirits.

Tree on 10/30/2010

Extraordinarily helpful

I have found Mr. Sammy Henry extraordinary helpful in finding lodgings for my husband who will be at Duke Medical Center for the first time. The services performed by MedStay have greatly alleviated any both mine and my husband’s concerns and anxieties about staying in an outpatient setting. I highly recommend MedStay for anyone coming to Duke.

Ebba Fisch on 10/01/2010

First rate service for families

This is a first rate service for families who are experiencing stressful medical challenges. We have been served by it for nearly a year and have been more than satisfied with the quality of reservation service as well as the first rate accommodations they recommend.

George and Nancy Findlay on 09/10/2010

Made our “medical nightmare” a bit easier

I would like to give 5 star credit to Sammy Henry. He made our “medical nightmare” a bit easier. He gave us terrific service finding just the perfect place for us to stay close to our son during a very traumatic time in our lives. He made me feel comfortable at a very stressful time. I know that we will have refuge for recovery & recuperation that our son will need. I prayed for people to help us on this life’s journey & Sammy is one of those to answer our prayers. Thank You…

Kristen McKnight on 09/08/2010